Cutting-List Structural Timber

from 60 x 60 mm to 400 x 400 mm according to your requirements

2,50 m to 15,00 m

Class of cutting:
- A/B-cut
- A-cut
- A/S-cut
- S-cut

Category of Cutting:
- one ex log
- two and more ex log
- squared timber

Types of Wood:
- spruce / fir
- pine
- larch / Douglas fir
- oak
- beech

- kiln-drying to 18 – 20 % humidity
- dipping method impregnation (several colours)
- pressure boiler impregnation (several colours)
- planing
- exact cut in the length
- beam
- S10 sorting
- CE marking

Not all classes of cutting, dimensions, lengths and finishings are possible for all types of wood.

roof trus
roof trus
Cutting-List Structural Timber
Cutting-List Structural Timber
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