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finger-jointed, practically free of faults, glued laths:

from 22 x 50 mm  to  28 x 70  mm , other dimensions on request

standard length 6,00 m,  partly up to 7,50 m possible

Type of Wood:
- nordic aspen
- spruce
- pine    

Standard Dimensions:
22 x 60 mm
26 x 60 mm
28 x 50 mm
28 x 60 mm
28 x 70 mm

These theatre laths are multilayer-glued (at least two layers) laths, from which faults were cut before and which are finger-jointed in length (joints are visible on the edge faces), 4-sided equalized/planed, with bevels (4-sided) or also keen-edged possible, bundled or not bundled, kiln-dried to 10/12 % humidity (+/- 2 %), in principle without knots and cracks.

Not all classes of cutting, dimensions, lengths and finishings are possible for all types of wood.

Theaterlatte Espe teilgezinkt
Theaterlatte Espe teilgezinkt
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